So I Wrote My Own CMS from Scratch

So... I built my own CMS from scatch. Writing your own CMS is not for the faint-hearted. Though challenging yet a fun activity none the less.

I ran into some serious trouble as the framework I used is so new. Most if not all "shared" hosting providers do not support it yet. Yep, I'm a cheapskate. But hey, not everyone was born rich ;).

Mind you, this is not your typical CMS. I have built in functionalities that are not in most free CMS where you are mostly allowed only to edit/create published contents. I added the tools for me to work with limited hosting providers.



I needed a command-line like interface for the web so I can initiate command-line ( i.e. executing commands to trigger PHP scripts in the background).
I used this because I rely heavily on Phinx migration tool. A tool I used to keep track on many changes I made to the database for easy deployment. The CMS I wrote is still evolving, tool such this do come in handy.  I recommend you to check Phinx for all your database migration needs:

I have added a simple microblogging app that is fully integrated to the CMS. So it kind works like twitter-ish / facebook-ish on top of CMS.


See it in action: My social module

What do I gain by doing all of this?

None probably. Though, this makes me independent from third party plugins which other CMS users rely upon.
Generally-speaking, people choose to use popular CMS (i.e. wordpress, joomla, etc) because of the plugins they provide. However, relying to much on third party plugins pose some serious security risks. Even the themes you purchased can make your website vulnerable to attacks.

So... what now?

Blog. Share new insights. Allow my boredom take its course in evolving the welemskiCMS more!