Few days ago I released a very simple OSX application called Simplemark on the AppStore.

It started as a very simple commandline utility that I wrote using Swift. I keep alot of images in my hardrives so I wrote a simple command line utility to save me time in adding watermark to all my images. After a few times of fiddling using terminal, it kinda feels tedious specially dealing with a very long paths to specify image and images. So I started building the userinterface, tested it and used it for myself.

I released the app hoping that It may help someone looking for a very simple and straight forward utility for adding an image as watermark to a bunch/collection of images.

Official site:


  • Add an image as watermark
  • Can specify origin
    • Bottom Left
    • Bottom Right
    • Top Right
    • Top Left
  • Can specify position in pixels or percent
  • Can apply water mark to images or images inside a folder in one bulk process
  • Can create/save and load configuration as project for later use
    • If you want to automate the process, you can put all your watermark on a location reacheable by the application. Save all your configuration as a project. That way, everytime you want apply a new batch of images you can simply load/open the project.