Japan 2014

This is a story about the places, the food and the experience I had while in Japan on May 2014

I thought I was about to enjoy my last day but the unfornate things happen.


 May 1, 2014

As soon as the plane touched down at the Osaka International Airport, all I could feel was the excitement knowing that my childhood dream was about to be realized. As a kid, I'm a big fan of anime. I've always been fascinated by Japanese culture, sub culture, food, arts and other things Japanese, after reading the book: 100 more things Japanese.

After a long queue at the Immigration we're finally out. It was 12 noon and the air was cold as it touches the skin in my face. I took a moment to see the sky, the different buildings, the walls, the people, the smell in the air, I'm practically still in awe. This must be what it feels like to be on a different country for the first time.

What me and my girlfriend are about to embark, is a pure adventure of a lifetime.

We didn't really have any formal Japanese language lessons so going in and around the places and asking for directions is a bit tricky. However, binge watching those anime and a little bit of Hiragana do paid off, somewhat. The only mistake that we ever made was we didn't rent a pocket wi-fi. Having an Internet connection on the go should be on the priority list.

So we managed to buy ourselves a ticket, stopped at some station, went ouside to look for 7-11 convenience store to buy some food and tap for a free wi-fi before heading out to our next destination.

Note: If you're going to ask for 7-11, try "Sebun Elebun".

And as a bonus, I took a shot of two Japanese lolita as they walk across the pedistrian ( yes!!!! )


So we went to Gifu to visit a few friends. While on the train, I realized that those you see on Japanese anime rail roads? They're exactly as they are in real life too... more or less. While Gifu is in the middle of the country, it's primarily focused on agriculture. You'll see modern houses with really big back yards and is used primarily for farming vegetables.

After arriving in Gifu, I couldn't stop but noticed that the poeple there really loves flowers.


And, since I only see dandelions in anime, seing these everwyhere we go I couldn't help myself but to be curious too.


And she's about to go nuts with it too :)


After that long travel, we treated ourselves with good old japanese gyosa and ramen.

May 3, 2014

We went to Mino City to see the Mino Festival for the "flower mikoshi" or Portable Shrine.

There were giant puppets, artificial cherry blossom trees and other floats being hoisted and carried around by old and young men for rain-making riturals.

Don't forget to try their home made sake ( rice wine ) too.

Of course dinner time!

May 6, 2014

Flower garden. This month isn't really the best month for seing the garden however, who can resist that cute little blue alien?


A taste of Japanese bun for that long walk at the flower garden.

May 7, 2014

Nagashima Spaland. The home of the world's longest wooden roller coaster: White Cyclone. Also the home of the infamous Steel Dragon.


The Free Fall and some crazy contraption that only those who have a deathwish will enjoy.


I tried the White Cyclone and after that I refrained from riding any roller coaster specially Steel Dragon from that day.
This is to preserve my remaining lives and sanity for the coming days.

May 8, 2014

Today is our last day in Gifu and since we plan on doing nothing, we spent the entire day shopping spree!

"I think we're gonna need a bigger luggage".

May 9, 2014

Heading for Tokyo.


We booked a hotel within akihabara. We then took the time to stroll around and see what nice little things Akihabara has to offer. :)


Japanese do really know how to have some fun. These are married men. Some even brought their wife with them ;)

In Akihabara, you'll find lots of buildings where basically all floors are meant for arcade gaming.


So we tried one of those Maid Cafe's. They offer food and entertainment. Unfortunately, cameras are not allowed so we had to pay for these shots:



May 10, 2014

From this day forward it's going to be all about Tokyo. So we contacted a friend who is kind enough to guide us around the city.

Pagoda and Main Hall of Sensoji Temple, Asakusa, Tokyo 


The faithful dog Hachiko statue and the Shibuya scramble crossing.

Found cool guys wearing green alien custume while we're heading to Yoyogi park.

Maman, a giant spider made out of bronze on display at the Roppongi Hills. Tokyo at night.


May 15, 2014

Due to limited time we had, we skipped Disney Land and decided to just go with Disney Sea.

May 16, 2014

Last day to be in Japan. So we decided to have some fun in Akihabara. Today I thought it was going to be all about arcade and action figures but the most unfortunate things happen.

As we stroll around the akihabara looking for some stuffs to buy, I decided to go for an arcade and ejoy some good old UFO catch.

First, pictures of some claw crane:


I was really eyeing to get one of these without having to waste tokens. A token costs 500 yen so if can catch one these using 3 tokens, it means I get a better bargain than buying it individualy.
I stopped by to one of the Claw Crane being played by few Japanese and see what is up. Little did I know that I was being followed by a Japanese guy. While I was hooked watchin some guys playing one of the the claw crane, I heared a snipping sound behind my back. So I took a quick look and saw a guy holding a pair of scissors. Then, I realized that the sling in my wallet had been cut. I quickly grabbed the guy and shouted for help. I asked the staff to call for police.

This was supposed to be my last day in Tokyo. The plan was to spend the entire day having fun. Instead, I spent the whole afternoon in Tokyo Police Station filing the report and doing the whole re-enactment thing.

So in order to get rid of this awful memory in Akihabara, thought I had to at least give myself something to remember before the flight.

The photo is to remind myself, that not only did I catch Mikasa for 3 tokens, I also captured the bad guy trying to steal my wallet. I feel so badass.